TnA Sticks are everywhere!

Got your attention yet?

Kris is the newest member of the TnA Stick team! Aside from being a model in some of Florida's Top Sporting Magazines, she is an avid hunter and one of the fiercest competitors on the tournament trails throughout the Gulf Coast!

The TnA Stick is the first ever affordable shallow water anchor.

The TnA Stick was designed by fishermen for fishermen. It is the best option for any boat that regularly anchors in shallow waters.

We currently offer more length options than any other shallow water anchor manufacturer.

Our Anchor Sticks are made from the best quality 3/4" Fiberglass Rods available. Each TnA Stick is designed with the harsh marine environment in mind. All TnA sticks are UV resistant and made with corrosion resistant materials.

6" & 8" offset stern brackets are now available at many of our retailers and here online! We have also began design and testing on several custom mounting options for boats with jackplates. Our mounting brackets make it easier than ever to make use of your TnA Stick.

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